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Articles » What is data dot?

What is data dot?

Micro dotting is an application that protects the identity of a vehicle, the contents of an aerosol canister is applied to various panels and parts of a vehicle. The liquid like substance is actually 1000’s of micro dots covered in an almost clear murky adhesive. Each canister contains 1000’s of dots with the same unique code that’s not visible to the naked eye. The code, also found on the canister is recorded with the particulars of the vehicle.

The purpose of this procedure is to assist and prevent harvesting of stolen car parts. If a car should be stolen that has been microdotted, the parts and panels can now be traced to the original vehicle identifying the code on the microdot and referencing it to the car. Mircodots can only be applied by certified technicians, the procedure is rather simple and involves literally spraying the microdots onto the panels and recording the data.

Common Brands of Microdots in South Africa:

  • DataDot
  • VeriDot

Locating a MiroDot applicator

All Police clearance centers would have a microdot applicator within a reasonable distance. Some roadworthy stations also offer the service.

For who is microdot

Vehicles manufactured after September 2012 would be mircodotted before they are sold. Any car that has an engine change, that has been stolen and recovered, or any reason requires a police clearance certificate would have to be micro dotted at the owners expense.

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