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Articles » Proof of address required with all transactions

Proof of address required with all transactions

From the 1st of November 2015 motorist will have to verify personal and address details with any motor vehicle or driving license transaction.

What this means now is that any person or company will be required to submit proof of full names, identity, business registration and residential/postal address before any registering authority can issue a motor vehicle disk or operator card.

This new regulation will have a direct effect on:

  • The procedure for change of particulars of a registered manufacturer, builder or importer
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a title holder or owner (The seller) of a vehicle
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a holder of a motor trade number (A dealership, or builder etc)
  • To change a residential or postal address.
  • The application for a traffic register number and certificate (for foreigners)

The new regulation will require each person to provide proof of particulars (full names and identity number) and residential and postal address for verification when:

  • There’s a change of person particulars or a change of address:
  • Or with the first application that is made for a natis service at a registering authority or driving license test center.
  • Vehicle fleet owners will be required to provide such information with the first transaction or service natis that apply for,

Proof of address will include any municipal bill, telephone account, or store account provided that it is not older than 3 months

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