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Below is some question/queries that I often come across from clients:

 What is a Rebuilt Car/Code 3 vehicle?

Rebuilt or Code 3 is the status of a vehicle, In most cases this is not the original status of a vehicle. Rebuilt or code 3 basically means that at some point the vehilce was scrapped and re-registered.

The reason the vehicle was scrapped is the big question! In most cases it could be that the vehicle was damaged beyond repair according to the insurance company or the vehicle was stolen and recovered.

Bare in mind that "Beyond economicle repair" could mean anything between a scratched fender or a total wreck, If the car is insured and the insurance company decides that the cost to repair is too high then they would scrap the vehicle and pay the client out

The vehicle was stolen and recovered, once recovered the owner decided to scrap the vehicle


Please note, these are not factual and is based eniterly on my exerience, if you find any errors please let me know.

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