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Ford Fiesta st 2.0i 3Dr

It starts but It has a weird sound coming from the engine which scares me and the right mirror is broken but it still works and a few scratches on the back of the trunk

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    car is spotless. clean and well taken care of. full service history , accident free. car is in a great condition inside out. images can be sent over whatsapp - Cape Town

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    Vehicle had new engine fitted at 199 000. Small dent in door. - Other

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    Not starting. Diagnosis: Fuel pump. Minor accident damage on the bumper, bonnet and left headlight. Handbrake needs adjusting. Heat gauge is broken. Shows its overheating always. Upgrading, so vehicle is available immediately. - Cape Town

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    Grey ford fiesta 1.4 137000km ,full service record, 2005 model 5dr aircon, power steering, factory radio all in excellent working condition one owner. - Cape Town

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  • ford fiesta ecoboost Titanium 1.0 T 2015

    Resprayed - Johannesburg

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